Participation of model a spiral to any origin of our world.

Substance - that that in a basis (a matter - set of forms)

(All values on model "SPIRAL" conditional)

. The generations of such a substance as humanform in the one-side mirror coil the picture IV/1 demonstrates.

Generation of humanform from zero point of account - picture IV/2. The period from embryonic development to period of birth is meaning further our analog.

Analog and its further forming picture IV/3.

Analog’s connection with further periods of development. Cycling of development. Transferring of heritable and others factors important for life is realizing according to coil’s laws.

4. The nine-year period of development in duodecimal account system is reflected in picture IV/4. Zero point of account and the embryonic development period are individual for every substance. All meanings on the coil model are conditional. One sector of coil equal one month.

From zero point of account by four nine-month development the first three-year cycle of development and with intervals the first nine-year cycle of development N-substation is finishing.

5. The entire complete period of development in denary system of account is shown on picture IV/5. From zero point of account by ten of the nine-year periods of development the entire ninety year long cycle of development is finishing. (One segment of spiral is equal to one year).

6. The entire period of development according to mirror coil picture IV/6. The period of development having been building in mirror reflection (according to “the coil” model - picture II/10) may be considered as N-degree of development. The next development degree is building equal the prevent degree.

7. Multi step development picture IV/7.

The model having been built with five development degrees openly demonstrates as uninterrupted development of our world settlement as uninterrupted development any substance of this world structure according to principle: “everything is reversible, everything is moving, everything is changing Develops, grows, improves, modifies”.


The Big World is many-sided, multiform and closely interrelated, - it’s said in one common truth

The second truth, as if supplementing the first one, narrates: What is located below is similar to that which is situated above (and vice versa).

The third truth says – all of genius is simple.

If to take as a basis these three truisms plus our fantasy and imagination so it is posible to try to reconstruct the common picture (model) of the Universe-structure.

(Matreshka is a simplified model of the Universe-structure)

All the more a copy of this model is already entirely embodied into one beautiful russian souvenir “Matreshka doll”.

Imagine (fancy) that the largest Matreshka (which includes in itself an endless amount of Matreshkas smaller by size) is the very Universe-structure as a whole.

In the one of smaller by scale Matreshkas our Universe is situated (in the Universe-structure’s scale there are many of them).

Our Universe (Matreshka) for its turn also includes into itself an endless amount (of Matreshkas): of Galaxies, of Planets. In the one of Matreshkas (planet) is our planet Earth situated.

Here with such close correlation, inseparability and dependence from each other probably one rule exists for everybody and for everyone.

Planets + Galaxies + Universes = the Universe-structure – (the large Matreshka) a unified, alive organism.

Common prosperity of the Universe-structure (an alive organism) depends on reasonable (or unreasonable) behavior of every substance inside every Matreshka.

For somebody such an approach the Universe-structure’s picture (model) description may seems too primitive and childish naïve against already existent universally recognized models of the Universe-structure.

But for today one cannot unambiguously say which of suggested models is more close to the truth.

Also one cannot say that we are on the right way in cognition of the very truth.

At all times a human tried to perceive the Universe-structure by way of studying, cognition of Cosmos (that is our defect).

At first studying was conducted by sight, then by way of a primitive telescope.

However a human couldn’t see that which he wanted to see.

The endless amount of time is passing. A human invents and builds super- modern telescope.

A human saw through the telescope a small part of that which he would want to see, but he hadn’t given a reasonable (at Huge World’s laws’ point of view) explanation to everything he’d seen.

The reason of that – is chosen primordially wrong way of cognition the truth!


Galactic web mystery

Rapid development of cosmic technologies changes imagination about the Universe. The observations at European cosmic observatory in Paranal (Chili) with large diameter telescope assistance unexpectedly confirm correctness of the computer model of Universal’s early development stage. According to this model the Universe had “holy” structure and Galaxies were creating along invisible lines similar to water drops arranging onto spider web’s threads.

Contemporary cosmology was strongly influenced by disproportionate development of different science areas: quickly developing computer technique took the lead over limited possibilities of astronomy observations’ devices. Computer centers equipping by fast-acting computers with complex program equipment allowed modeling of all possible variants of the first Space development stage. Scientists know for a long time which processes took place at the Universe in the remote past but they couldn’t test computer models, compare them with the real picture of Space. The huge telescope building in Paranal at least confirms theoretic hypotheses corroborated by computer constructions.

All famous computer models proceed from precondition meaning the first large structures of the Universe consisted of huge “threads” ends of which bounded with one another by “knots”. This model reminds a make-up’s web or cellular structure of brain.

The first galaxies or, at least, original material for their shaping appeared in space not chaotically but exactly along those threads. When galactic matter began to spread shine the thread’s net having done its destination melted in the darkness.

Invisible cosmic “framework” may be compared with a web observing at some distance: its thin threads are already not seen but drops of dew shows their direction and all the net’s structure. In the first milliards years of Universe existence such “drops” of matter were gradually focusing around connecting “knots”. Then exactly there from those accumulations were created galactic constellations and nebulas.

After their formation the Space structure haven’t undergone considerable changes. Galaxies spread out, threads disappeared. Only the some largest “threads” still may be distinguished – the remind “foot-bridges” thrown between constellations.

With huge Parnal telescope assistance astronomers for the first time could discern the “cosmic web” with the placer of “drops” – the original structure of galaxy arrangement. Invisible structure’s elements displays thanks to isolation of hydrogen – an element formatting at the first explosion moment about 15 milliards years ago. Hydrogen is the most widespread element more often meeting in Space. All stars form from hydrogen they burn it in their scorching heat and convert into helium. When the first stars had appeared from dense clots of hydrogen, hydrogen being around newborn stars still absorbed their ultraviolet radiation.

It’s kind of such named luminescence. It has definite length of ultraviolet spectrum field waves and completely invisible of the Earth. As soon as its origins are very far as approaching to the Earth Lyman-alpha rays gradually “become blue”, “become green” and, at least, move to the red part of spectrum. By degree of this moving they definite a distance to luminescence origin.

Astronomers arranged on the 3D map all well-known Lyman-alpha luminescence origins and impressive picture have become: al points of luminescence arranged along invisible threads as if drops of dew on a spider web. Observations confirmed the theoretical suggestion that more than 95 % of the Universe consists of invisible “dark staff” which proceeded visible for us Space.

The “On the border of impossible” newspaper #1, 2002.


Participation of model a spiral to any origin of our world.

It is proved, (practically and theoretically) that "Spiral" really is a certain component of our world (spiral galaxies, a spiral of a molecule of DNA ...)


Then why the spiral which has so much advantages, has no the slightest chance even that would pay attention to it. Though it has all chances to apply (for our science) on a basis of our world!? (a question on which is not present while the answer)

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